Destination Spas: Dedicated solely to the spa experience, these properties focus on renewing body, mind and spirit. The program includes education programs, physical fitness activities, professional spa services and healthful spa cuisine.
Resort Spas
: Found on the grounds of vacation resorts, where spa treatments and services complement resort activities from golf and tennis to horseback riding and water sports. Spa cuisine shares the menu with traditional fare and alcohol. These spas are a perfect compromise for spa enthusiasts with companions or kids not interested in spa going.
Wellness Spas
: Retreats for guests with health concerns, as well as those interested in learning how to live healthier lives. Some spas may follow the traditional medical model, others offer a holistic approach.
Weight Management Spas:
Specializing in lifestyle change for weight loss or gain and maintenance. Programs for the chronically overweight, for instance, address issues of self-esteem in addition to nutrition and exercise.
Spas Abroad:
Many European spas mix old world elegance and traditional thalassotherapy (sea water treatments) with more rigorous exercise and beauty treatment, while spas in Asia and elsewhere often make creative use of exotic and ancient, indigenous healing traditions.
Day Spas: Designed to provide a healing, beautifying or pampering experience in a short time. These spas can provide spa-going newcomers with good introductions to spa culture.