Do you like to travel, but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of your home? Would you like to have the chance to see many scenic landscapes without being disturbed by wind, rain, cold or mosquitoes, dreaming away for hours in a safe, laid-back environment? If so, we want to invite you to enjoy the relaxing experience of railway trips!

Rail tours offer a unique type of vacation in which much of the transportation is conducted via rail. Trains have been a fascination of many for years and with these select rail journeys you will get to experience the wondrous view, comfort and excitement of a train with the in-depth experience of a hosted or escorted tour.

Train tours take you back to the golden era of luxury train travel, with dining cars set with fine linen and observation cars offering panoramic views of some of the world's most spectacular landscapes. Trains can travel where cars cannot, so you can marvel at scenic vistas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

On some itineraries, you'll stay on board the train overnight. Long after watching the sun fall below the horizon, settle into your own private sleeping stateroom. While you sleep you're carried to the tour's next stop. Other tours utilize the train only for transportation between destinations. When each day's train travel ends, passengers disembark and stay in hand-picked hotels. Classic train tours include the Rocky Mountaineer in the Canadian Rockies, Amtraks trips to Glacier National Park and the Blue Train in South Africa, among others.

Aside from the fully rail-focused train tours on this page, there are also escorted tours that feature a train component. Some might include one or two days on a historic train as part of a longer tour itinerary. And on other escorted tours, a short train ride on a famous railway might be offered as an excursion during one of the days activities -- the train excursion could last only a few hours or so.