Faith-based travel is the perfect way to build community by intimately exploring the roots and stories of your faith with fellow believers.

 Instead of just traveling, why not embark on a spiritual journey? Choose a one of these vacations, and visit holy lands and sacred sites around the world - places that satisfy the senses and nourish the spirit. Our wonderful tours and pilgrimages will help you reflect, in quiet calm, about the present, evaluate the past, and find a powerful new inner peace to move you forward, renewed, into the future.

Our team of travel professionals is committed to bringing you innovative programs. They are created with your interests in mind, along with quality and value. Our Heritage Tours will bring you a memorable and spiritually rewarding experience. Our Spiritual Discovery Tours will take you from the Cradle of the Bible, to the cities of Peter and Paul, to Byzantine Greece, to Saints and Sanctuaries, to early Churches, and all the way to the Holy Land. With so much in between, our Journeys will also allow you to enjoy art, history, and echoes of a bygone era, which will create lasting treasured memories.
Each year, hundreds of thousands of people take part in religious-themed travel. Our faith-based trips are especially popular with group travelers from churches, synagogues and other houses of worship. We have options available for a variety of faiths and denominations, each one offering enrichment, education and fellowship.

Embark on a journey that takes you to the very landmarks that pepper the pages of religious manuscripts. View sights depicted in age-old documents, and listen to expert guides describe the spiritual and historical significance of every stop along the way. With the carefully designed itineraries listed below, you can travel worry-free knowing that essential sights will be included, and a knowledgeable tour director will help you make the most of every moment.

If members of your congregation or affinity group would like to travel together, you may be eligible for extra savings. Groups generally get the best rates, and depending on the size of the group, one or more travelers may go for free. These discounts typically apply to groups of 8 or more people. In addition to negotiating great rates and free travel with the suppliers we represent, we can also help large groups customize an itinerary to include specific sights and amenities. If you are interested in planning a group tour of 8 or more people, call us today.