Q Are most Spas co-ed?
A Yes, but they usually have separate spa facilities for men and women. A few spas are for women only and are designed to address women's needs. Some spas have “men's weeks” for male quests only.

Q Will I have privacy, during my treatments?
 A Respect for clients' privacy is the rule. Treatments are almost always done in private rooms. There will however be some total uncovering to leave the therapist adequate access to parts of the body being worked on.

Q Can I choose the gender of my massage therapist?
A Before signing up for a treatment, you should let the spa know that a therapist of the same sex is preferred; in most cases, requests cab be accommodated.

Q What is spa cuisine like?
A Spa cuisine is delicious and emphasizes healthy, natural foods that guests will enjoy. Spas get creative with their recipes and menus, with wonderful results.

Q What is included in price of a spa package?
A Packages vary greatly. An all-inclusive package at a destination spa includes just about everything - food, room, exercise classes, use of fitness facilities, fitness/nutrition consultation and several spa treatments. A basic package at a resort spa will cover room, all or some meals, use of facilities and at least a few treatments.

Q What about accommodations?
A There is a large spectrum of accommodations available, from the simple and modest to luxury resorts with deluxe amenities.

Q What do I need to pack?
A Some spas provide bathrobes and slippers. However, the rule of thumb: two bathing suits, lots of socks and underwear (especially if planning an active program), waist-pack and water-bottle holder, workout clothing (leotards, tights, shorts, warm-up suits), two pairs of tennis shoes, hat with sun visor and sun screen, toiletries, and if going to a resort - casually elegant clothes for dinner.

Q Are gratuities included in the spa fee?

A Some spas include fees the services offered, some do not. It is important to check in the spa services menu/brochure for this information.