45 Delicious Canned Chicken Recipes • New Life On A Homestead (2024)

There is a great sale at the market, or you had a lot of leftovers, maybe you have too many roosters or some hens that are finished, what do you do? Why, you get busy canning chicken, of course. Your family and your wallet will thank you later.

There is nothing quite as good as eating a prepared meal made from your own hard work and preparations for canned chicken. There are so many more options to using that canned chicken that you worked so hard to put up than just your regular old chicken and noodles, although those are also delicious.

Check out these amazing canned chicken recipes

1. Chicken Bacon Ranch Penne

This is an awesome and easy recipe. You really can’t go wrong with ranch and bacon in any recipe. This is a favorite of my family.

Get the chicken bacon ranch penne recipe here.

2. Easy Chicken Fajitas

This is a quick and easy recipe. Make these fajitas when you are pressed for time and looking for some fun and different to eat. This meal is a great way to sneak in vegetables and your family will love it.

Budget Recipe: Easy Chicken Fajitas – To Simply Inspire

3. Monterey Jack Chicken Quesadillas

This quesadilla recipe takes few ingredients to make and minimal time to prepare. Another fun idea with this recipe is that you can use different toppings or none at all and the quesadillas are still chock full of flavor.

Get the recipe here.

4. Southern Chicken Salad

This recipe is a southern meal with the use of eggs and relish. I have never made chicken salad with eggs but have had it with grapes. Either way, this is a quick and tasty snack.

Get this canned chicken recipe here.

5. Chicken Foil Packs

This recipe at my house is lovingly called “ Hobo Packs” thanks to our cub scout pack campouts. You can really add any vegetables and seasonings that you like and still make it delicious.

Using canned chicken in this recipe ensures that you are not feeding your loved ones undercooked chicken, especially if they are starved and can’t wait.

Get the chicken foil packs recipe here.

6. Buffalo Chicken Dip

The chicken dip recipe is a lifesaver especially when you need a quick fix for a snack for the football game party. This snack can be heated and enjoyed in any event and with any dipper that you like, whether it be crackers, celery, or chips. This will be a must-have for all your get-togethers.

Get the buffalo chicken dip recipe here.

7. Chicken Ziti Casserole

With this casserole, you will have a delicious and flavorful meal. With this ziti casserole, you will have a meal in less than an hour and will want to make and enjoy it again.

The use of muenster cheese is an unbeatable flavor but if you are not a fan you can always use your favorite cheese.

Get the chicken ziti casserole recipe.

8. Chicken Alfredo Pizza

This pizza recipe is a low-carb and gluten-free meal. You will really enjoy the alfredo taste with chicken. The great news is you can use store-bought or homemade alfredo sauce. Feel free to experiment with toppings.

The Chicken Alfredo Pizza recipe is right here.

9. Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is good for the soul. This recipe is delicious and can be ready in 20 minutes. Every once in a while you just want a good bowl of soup and this is a good one.

Get the chicken noodle soup recipe here.

10. Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole

When making this dish you will be able to use part of your fall harvest. With not having actual pasta you have a healthy, low carb alternative. Your family will thank you for making them eat their veggies after this.

Get the recipe here.

11. Pesto Chicken Pasta with Mushrooms

This meal is great any time of the year. It is perfect for summer when you can get plenty of fresh basil and even forage for your own mushrooms.

Get the recipe here.

12. Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder

I’ve personally never been a fan of chowder but, for those that are, you will enjoy this chicken chowder. You may need to adjust your recipe according to the size and amount of your potatoes.

Get this recipe here.

13. Fettuccine with Roasted Pepper Sauce

With only six ingredients and about half an hour of time you will have a meal that you won’t be able to stop munching on. The roasted pepper flavor is so good that you will want it all of the time.

Get the fettuccine with Roasted Pepper Sauce recipe here.

14. Chicken Ranch Wraps

Ranch is one of the best condiments ever invented, according to my kids. They will dip about anything in it, especially chicken. The wraps are always popular at my house and you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

Find out how to make Chicken Ranch Wraps here.

15. Chicken Pot Pie

The ultimate comfort food, in my opinion, the chicken pot pie. I love any form of chicken pot pies but this cast iron recipe is my favorite. You can use any type of vegetable that you have on hand and the biscuits help to make this dish ever so delicious.

Get the recipe here.

16. Easy Chicken Paella

This is a Spanish dish that you can make in large quantities. The robust color makes this dish look so appealing. This is a dish that I am looking forward to making and trying.

Get the paella recipe.

17. Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

There are just some days that a big bowl of tomato soup sounds good. This is not your everyday can of soup. This recipe is filling with a big helping of chicken and tortellini. This is definitely a recipe to keep in mind for a yummy fall meal that your family will love.

Get the recipe.

18. Chicken Cheese Steak

With this recipe you can change up your quick “let’s just eat a hot dog mindset”, you know those lazy dinner nights. This can be ready in under ten minutes and is so good.

You will love this sandwich, especially when you are pressed for time and still want to eat something with flavor but quickly.

Get the recipe.

19. Chicken Avocado Cups

If you like avocados then this is one for you. This recipe is simple with minimal ingredients. Also, it’s a twist with so much flavor and health in one meal.

Mexi-Chicken Avocado Cups recipe.

20. Cucumber Chicken Roll Ups

This one really caught my attention. The cool refreshing addition of a cucumber wrap makes this a great snack for any get-together. This is a low-carb appetizer that would be wonderful in the summer heat.

Get this recipe.

21. Chicken and Spinach Pasta Salad

My family likes pasta salad but we have never had it with chicken until I came across this recipe. The chicken makes for a nice addition to this dish.

This recipe is a refreshing and tasty addition to a cookout and you can substitute any of the vegetables or dressing to what you like.

Get this recipe.

22. Cheesy Corn Quinoa Casserole

This casserole has it all, fresh veggies, cheese, and taste. This recipe is healthy and gluten-free. The casserole is delicious and fresh, but also freezes well for any leftovers.

Get the recipe.

23. Light Breeze Chicken Chili

If you like a little kick of spice then this is one for you. This is a new spin on chili, instead of the tomato and hamburger you use canned chicken and chicken broth for that extra flavor. Also, as with any chili, you will have leftovers, and love it for days as it is so good.

Get the recipe

24. Artichoke Chicken Spinach Dip

This is an awesome spin on your artichoke and spinach dip. By adding in some chicken chunks you add in a whole new level of texture and flavor to this snack.

You can’t go wrong with the extra protein that this chicken provides to an already healthy snack. This dip is still good with crackers or bread.

Get the recipe.

25. Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

These are great after-school snacks. The perfect amount of spice and chicken makes for the best quesadillas. They are great even for the youngest in my family. Dip them in blue cheese or ranch dressing and enjoy.

Get this recipe.

26. 8-Can Mexican Chicken Soup

This one is simple and meant to be a quick throw-together type of meal. All of the ingredients are from a packet and cans, eight cans actually. The great thing is you can dress it you however you like and have a tasty meal that even your kids can cook.

Get the recipe.

27. Chicken Cakes with Remoulade Sauce

This chicken cake recipe is the chicken version of crab cakes. It’s cheaper to make this one than it is crab cakes. My husband loves crab cakes so I am excited to try this and see how he feels about it. The sauce can be whatever you prefer but this one looks amazing.

Get the recipe.

28. Skillet Velveeta Cheesy Chicken

Who doesn’t love velveeta shells and cheese? Now take an already delicious thing and add an amazing mix of chicken and veggies. This is a recipe that will leave no complaints by anyone as you can use your favorite vegetables.

Get the recipe.

29. Chilled Zucchini Soup with Chicken

This one here I stumbled across in a Food Network magazine. I was a bit leary of it with the green soup base but I was pleasantly surprised. This one requires some work but is worth it.

Get the recipe.

30. Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

This recipe caught my eye as it looked like springtime in a dish, just beautiful. The meal was everything I expected. It was delicious and very filling. This is one that we will eat again. It is supposed to freeze well but my family of seven hasn’t left any over to try that.

Get the recipe.

31. Chicken Cheese Ball

Now I love me some cheese ball but have only ever had it with the beef. This is the next one I am going to make, it just looks so delicious. This is at the top of my must-make-soon list. You can never go wrong with a cheese ball.

Get the recipe.

32. Easy Barbecue Chicken

I can’t think of chicken without thinking of barbecue. This recipe makes the best barbecue chicken sandwich I have ever had. The perfect amount of flavor with the chicken and barbecue sauce.

Get the recipe.

33. Chicken Salad with Grapes

This is more like the chicken salad that I eat. The grapes add an awesome color and texture to this refreshing chicken salad. This is perfect for lunch on a hat day when you want something cool and fresh. You can eat it as a sandwich or even out of the bowl.

Get this recipe.

34. Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta

Who doesn’t love a meal in ten minutes’ time? The sauce for this chicken spaghetti is perfect. It is creamy with enough zest it will leave you wanting more. You can top it with some extra lemon and cheese to suit your taste buds.

Get this recipe.

35. Veggie Cheesy Chicken and Rice

In about 30 minutes’ time you can have an awesome cheesy dish. This recipe is so good and a great way to get some broccoli in your family’s diet.

Get this canned chicken recipe here.

36. Spicy Ranch Chicken Casserole

This recipe is put together like a lasagna. You can make this dish early in the day and then refrigerate it until you are ready to bake. There are so many options for the items you can use to add different flavors and levels of spiciness.

Get the recipe here.

37. Ritzy Chicken Casserole

The use of the ritz crackers leaves a delicious buttery flavor. The ritz layers are at the top and the bottom of the casserole. This recipe consists of six ingredients and is ready to eat in less than one hour.

Get the ritzy chicken casserole recipe here.

38. Canned Chicken Nuggets

Do you have a little one that loves chicken nuggets? This is a more natural, healthy alternative to chicken nuggets. Let them dip and hopefully, they will love them more than fast food nuggets.

Get this recipe here.

39. Chicken Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Pork isn’t the only breakfast meat out there. This breakfast burrito is sure to fill you up and get you off to a good start to your day.

Check out the canned chicken recipe here.

40. Apple Chicken Ring

This can be used as an appetizer or even served to your guests. This is a mixed taste of buttery, bacony goodness. This is like a hot sub but in the shape of a ring.

Check out the apple chicken ring recipe here.

41. Chicken Spaghetti Sauce

I have never had chicken spaghetti sauce, I’m going to try it though. With all of the healthy veggies and seasoning the chicken seems like it belongs. Serve with your pasta and you have yourself a meal.

Get the recipe here.

42. Soft 15 Minute Chicken Tacos

This is a good one to try for Taco Tuesday. This can be ready to eat in 15 minutes, it may take you that long to get through the drive-thru of your taco go to. This recipe is a good one and your family will ask for it again, even more than on Tuesdays.

Get the chicken tacos recipe here.

Canned chicken is not just for people. Your fur babies will love it as well. Some of our pets have sensitivities and allergies just like people do. This is also a good way to use up some chicken that may be ready to go bad, this way there is no waste.

There are different recipes for making healthy homemade snacks for your dogs too. Your dogs will sit pretty and do other tricks just for one of these snacks!

43. Chicken and Biscuits Dog Treats

This is equivalent to our comfort food of chicken and biscuits. These also freeze well to spread out the use so your puppy can’t eat them all at once.

Get this dog treats recipe here.

44. Chicken and Rice Dog Biscuits

This is a good treat for your pup. They will gobble it all up. There can be some substitutions to the recipe but it’s all about keeping your puppy healthy.

See how to make these dog biscuits here.

45. Chicken Dog Treats

This all-real ingredient recipe will be sure to please your pup. The recipe is meant for dogs but is totally human-edible, you can just pretend they are scooby snacks.

The vegetables can be changed out to be sure to feed the one your dog loves or maybe use one they won’t eat to get that in their diet.

Learn how to make these dog treats here.

These delicious recipes can be used with more than canned chicken The canned chicken makes for a quick and easy addition to any meal. Feel free to use any leftovers or rotisserie, or make fresh chicken.

I just love the idea of using the chicken that I worked so hard to save. Also, I love the amount of time it saves me by not having to cook the chicken for the recipe.

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45 Delicious Canned Chicken Recipes • New Life On A Homestead (2024)
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