Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (2024)

Well-known for its appearance on the popular Shark Tank TV show, Bunch Bikes is pushing the limits of electric cargo bike design and innovation...

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Founded in 2016 by bicycle-enthusiast, Aaron Powell, Bunch Bikes is a growing brand that sells high-quality electric cargo bicycles at reasonable prices. With a strong focus on family and sustainability, these built-to-last bikes are carefully crafted from top-shelf materials and components.

Recently, Bunch Bikes has enjoyed a surge in popularity after making an appearance on the hit television show, Shark Tank. Since launching its first front-load cargo bike, The Original, the company has expanded its lineup to include 4 additional models and a wide range of accessories. In addition to their 5 regular production models, Bunch Bikes can also do custom builds for a variety of commercial applications such as urban delivery, beverage bikes, and more.

Each Bunch e-bike arrives fully assembled and dialed in by a setup expert at the brand’s Denton, TX headquarters. When the bike arrives on your doorstep, it’ll be ready for your family to enjoy. While this is more costly and time-consuming for the company, it ensures that each and every bike they ship is properly assembled and ready to roll. This is a nice touch, and it saves customers from the agony of a multi-day assembly or expensive trip to their local bike shop.

We also want to mention that Bunch Bikes is an extremely friendly, down-to-earth company that takes a lot of pride in customer service. In the electric bike industry, it’s not uncommon to encounter non-existent customer support and failure to follow through on things like warranty claims — you won’t find that at Bunch Bikes. Customer service is super responsive (more on that below), eager to please, and a pleasure to deal with. There are a variety of contact options available, including email, phone, text, and social media.


COMPANYBunch Bikes
FOUNDERAaron Powell
PRODUCTSElectric cargo bikes, accessories
PROMO CODEBUNCH100 ($100 off)
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    Bunch Bikes Comparison Chart

    The Coupe132 lbs350 lbs75 milesClick Here
    The Original152 lbs350 lbs35 milesClick Here
    The K9152 lbs350 lbs35 milesClick Here
    The Preschool160 lbs350 lbs35 milesClick Here
    The Minin/an/an/aClick Here

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    Bunch Bikes Electric CARGO Bike Reviews

    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (6)

    Bunch Bikes' The Coupe

    The brand's top-of-the-line three-wheeled family cargo bike, The Coupe is the perfect way to get around town. Its sleek, retro styling makes it stand out from the crowd, and the 250-watt BAFANG mid-drive motor ensures that you'll always have plenty of power at your fingertips...


    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (7)

    Bunch Bikes' The Original

    The Original is the ultimate way to get around with your little ones. This family-friendly cargo box bike has a carrying capacity of up to four children and can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge. Plus, it has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for outstanding stopping power and safety...


    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (8)

    Bunch Bikes' The K9

    Cruising to the dog park has never been easier or more stylish than with The K9. This pet-friendly bakfiets features a roomy interior for comfortable riding, 220 lbs load capacity, 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain, hydraulic brakes, and 500W rear hub motor that puts out 45Nm of torque...


    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (9)

    Bunch Bikes' The Preschool

    The company's largest model, The Preschool is ideal for large families and features an ultra-roomy cargo area with two plywood bench seats (with 3-point seatbelts) for up to 6 children. Outfitted with a powerful electric motor, The Preschool makes family pedaling with your precious cargo a breeze...


    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (10)

    Bunch Bikes The Mini

    The Mini is the perfect cargo bike for kids aged 4-7! It's a miniature version of the company's original ride, with a smaller cargo area that's perfect for hauling toys or a pet and two front wheels for top-notch stability. This mini trike is easy to ride and great for teaching kids about the joys of biking...


    Bunch Bikes Coupon Codes & Promos

    At the moment, you can save $100 off any Bunch Bikes ride with the coupon code BUNCH100. To take advantage of this special promotion, simply click here, add your desired bike and accessories to the shopping cart, and enter the code during the checkout process. The discount will be automatically applied to your order!

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    Location of Bunch Bikes Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Bunch Bikes is a super cool company that stands behind everything they make (would you expect anything less out of Texas?). With a 14-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee and rock-solid lifetime warranty coverage on the frame, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re fully protected. Additionally, all components are covered by a 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

    In terms of the responsiveness of the brand’s customer support, it’s top-shelf. We test the customer service response times of each brand we review, and Kyle over at Bunch Bikes got back to us with a super friendly email reply to our submitted question in only 8 minutes

    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (11)

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (12)

    Lastly, Bunch Bikes also has a growing range of awesome accessories including covers, spare parts, seats and cushions, security locks, helmets, and more. With these optional add-ons, you’re guaranteed to get even more enjoyment out of your cargo e-bike.

    Our favorite accessories include the sun shade and covers, which do a great job of keeping your priceless passengers comfortable while cruising — no matter the weather. The sunshade helps to prevent sunburn and will keep your kids and pets cool on hot summer days, while the rain cover ensures that your bike’s cargo area stays bone-dry during bouts of inclement weather.

    Reviews From our Community

    Changed our lives…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5

    March 31, 2022

    Our Bunch bike has changed our lives! The kids have never had so much fun running errands and my husband and I love how stable and safe the bike feels, even with all of our children on it. They are a little expensive upfront, but we will save money in the long run as we have been able to eliminate our the use of our minivan for short trips in town. Plus, there’s just no comparison when it comes to fun factor – our Bunch bike wins hands-down!



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    Does Bunch Bikes have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, Bunch Bikes backs all of their models up with a no-risk, 14-day, money-back guarantee. If you're unhappy for any reason, just send the bike back and Bunch Bikes will refund you in full. In order to qualify, the bike must have less than 10 miles on the odometer and be in the same condition it was received.

    What forms of payment are accepted by Bunch Bikes?

    You can order from Bunch Bikes using any major credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Additionally, payment plans are available through Affirm.

    Are child seats compatible with Bunch Bikes' models?

    Yes, a child seat can be used in the cargo area for additional safety.

    Should kids wear helmets when riding in the cargo area?

    Yes, helmets should be worn by children and adults alike.

    Where are Bunch Bikes made?

    Bunch Bikes are built in the Netherlands.

    When was Bunch Bikes on Shark Tank?

    Bunch Bikes' founder and CEO, Aaron Powell, was featured on ABC's Shark Tank in Episode 19 of Season 12. This was Shark Tank episode 1219 and it aired on March 26, 2021.

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    Bunch Bikes Review: Family-Friendly Electric Cargo Bikes (2024)
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