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James Robison Net Worth – $2 million

What is James Robison’s net worth? Who is James Robison’s wife?


James Robison is an iconic American televangelist and inspirational personality.

He’s also the head of the Christian relief organization LIFE Outreach International, which encompasses a massive range of ministry outreaches—from television ministry to LIFE centers to food programs and disaster relief.

For a man who has dedicated so much time and effort to bestowing blessings upon others, James Robison hasn’t come from such blessed beginnings.

Here’s part of his inspirational story.

The Origin Story

James Robison comes from colorful—if not dark—beginnings. Born on October 9, 1943, in Pasadena, Texas, his mother, Myra, was a rape victim.

Her initial choice was an abortion, but her doctor refused.

Feeling that she was unable to care for the child who came from that assault, she placed an ad in a local paper for someone to adopt him.

Rev. Hale and his wife—pastors at a Pasadena church—stepped up to adopt the young Robison, providing him with a stable, loving start to life.

A few years into family life, however, his mother returned and took him back.

Robison’s childhood after that point wasn’t ideal. He lived in extreme poverty, and as a teenager, his violent, alcoholic father appeared in his life.

After one particularly violent encounter, Robison almost shot his father. Instead, he left the house and returned to his adoptive parents for a visit.

The visit changed his life.

He moved back in with the Hales in order to complete his last two years of high school and began attending church again.


James Robison also met Betty Freeman, a young girl whose family also attended the Rev. Hale’s church. The pair fell in love, and James Robison and Betty married in February 1963.

The married couple, who both attended Middle Tennessee State University, graduated with honors in 1965 and returned to Pasadena.

The pair has three children and 11 grandchildren.

A Calling To Ministry

After the Robisons moved back to Pasadena, James felt a calling to follow in his adopted father’s footsteps.

His charisma and humility made him a popular choice with Rev. Hale’s congregation, and thanks to his careful coaching, James began his own ministry.

By 1968, James Robison had moved into full-time television ministry under the guidance of Rev. Billy Graham.

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Over the next two decades—and despite some controversy in the late 70s—Robison rose to prominence as one of America’s most popular conservative religious leaders.

He has also been credited with forging the beginnings of the Moral Majority and was long pegged to take over the political role of Rev. Graham.

This wasn’t to be.

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Staying The Course

In the mid-1980s, Robison—who had been on a steady course towards a political career—suddenly changed tack.

He returned to his church community a humbled and apologetic man.

Robison explained at the time that he had become consumed by his schedule and popularity and had been driven by the admiration of others.

He was ashamed of the person he had become—a sentiment shared by his wife of almost two decades.

Robison worked to redeem himself, leaving the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Finding A Life’s Work

Robison and his wife founded the LIFE Outreach International ministry together, with one mission: to follow God’s guidance and help shine the light of God’s truth into the darkness.

From humble beginnings out of the couple’s own home, LIFE Outreach has taken on a life of its own.

It currently ministers in 37 countries and feeds almost half a million children.

Its Mission Feeding program has helped to nourish to bellies of an estimated 13 million children.

There are also medical clinics, orphanages, farms, and processing plants that have been funded by LIFE Outreach.

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Writing & Prayer

James Robison is the author of several books, including True Prosperity, Living In Love, Indivisible, and The Absolutes: Freedom’s Only Hope.

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Robison found himself in the spotlight for another reason, too.

After disagreeing with the motives and behavior of 45th US President Donald Trump, Robison found himself explaining his criticism of the president.

Robison spoke of the values of being teachable in the name of extending freedoms around the world.

He said that for whatever reason, Trump listened to his concerns and brought the televangelist into his inner circle as a spiritual advisor.

Of the president, Robison has said: “I guess if I had my wish, he’ll start tweeting Proverbs. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing thing?”

James Robison – Net Worth

So, how much is James Robison worth?Robinson earned most of his wealth from founding and managing Life Outreach International and selling copies of his books. Therefore, American televangelist James Robison has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Note – James Robison’s wealth is cumulated with his wife’s, Betty Robison.

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