‘Knots Landing,’ ‘Kojak’ star Kevin Dobson dies in SJ, where he worked tirelessly for veterans (2024)

STOCKTON —Kevin Dobson, the actor best known for playing Mack in “Knots Landing,” Detective Bobby Crocker on “Kojak” and Mickey Horton in “Days of Our Lives,” died Sunday in Stockton. He was 77.

The United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County announced the actor’s death on its official Facebook page. The Army veteran served as chairman of the San Joaquin County group and kicked off the 20204th of July Virtual Paradewith a video.

“I was in the Army, I really enjoyed serving,” Dobsonsaid in the video.

Dobsontwice served as chairman of the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans and was active in local veterans causes.

Dobson, who as a celebrity has been asked by plenty of organizations to lend his support, chose to invest his volunteer hours with veterans.

‘Knots Landing,’ ‘Kojak’ star Kevin Dobson dies in SJ, where he worked tirelessly for veterans (1)

He was instrumental in bringing DouglasTaurel’s one-man show, “The American Soldier,” to Stockton in 2019, two years after moving to the community and wasting no time making it his home.

“The community is so diverse, and the people are so warm,” Dobson told the Lincoln Center Chronicle in 2018.

“The idea was to bring ‘The American Soldier’ here to Stockton make the public more aware,”Dobson, who moved to Stockton in 2017, told The Record. “Veterans show up for veterans stuff, but I want the public to become more aware of veterans’ plights. This show ... gives a better understanding of the mindset of being a veteran, being a combat veteran. The more aware we become, the better our chances of helping veterans get the benefits they need.”

“A deeply caring man, Kevin was a devoted husband, father and grandfather, cherishing his loving family above his many outstanding professional and charitable accomplishments,” his family said in a statement announcing his death.

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Kevin’s son, Patrick Dobson, is general manager of Stockton’s Sherwood Mall, his brother, Brian Dobson, said.

The actor leveraged his fame to help veterans in Stocktonand was twice Chairman of the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans to promote volunteering at VA Facilities across America.

Dobson was recognized for his volunteer work by President George H.W. Bush in a private meeting in the White House Oval Office. He also hosted the Veterans Inaugural Balls for Presidents Bushand Clinton, and for his work to promote volunteerism at VA Medical Facilities, he received the AMVETS Silver Helmet Award for Americanism, the highest recognition given by a veteran organization, his family said.

Born in Queens, New York, on March 18, 1943, Dobson was a brakeman and conductor on the Long Island Railroad, a semi-professional baseball player and served as an MP during the Vietnam era before breaking into acting.

‘Knots Landing,’ ‘Kojak’ star Kevin Dobson dies in SJ, where he worked tirelessly for veterans (2)

His big break came as Gov.Harrison Brooks in TV’s”One Life to Live” in 1968. In 1976, he appeared as Ensign George Gay in director Jack Smight’s star-studded “Midway” with Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda and James Coburn.

Starring on TV's “Kojak,” from 1973 to 1978, Dobson played Telly Savalas’ eager young partner Detective Bobby Crocker. In the 1990 TVmovie “Kojak: It’s Always Worth Something," Crocker had moved up to Assistant District Attorney.

‘Knots Landing,’ ‘Kojak’ star Kevin Dobson dies in SJ, where he worked tirelessly for veterans (3)

Dobson starred for 11 years as powerful attorneyM. “Mack” Patrick MacKenzie in CBS’ populardrama “Knots Landing” alongside screen wife Michele Lee. Dobson insisted that his character be a VA volunteer. He appearedon the long-running series, originally a “Dallas” spin-off,from 1982 to 1993 and won five Soap Opera Digest awards for the role.

Dobson and the cast reunited for the 1997 TV mini-series “Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac.”

Paul Carafotes, who played Harold Dyer on “Knots Landing,” called Dobson a “gracious, open-minded” actor.

“I remember him for his friendship,” Carafotes tweeted. “We had fun.”

From 1996to 1997, Dobson starred as Detective Leo McCarthyin TV’s “F/X: The Series,” and he starred as Judge Devin Owens in the daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful" from 2006 to 2007.

In 2008 he played Mickey Horton in the long-running character's final appearances on “Days of Our Lives.”

Dobson was married to producer Susan Dobson for more than five decades, since 1968. The couple have three children — daughter Mariah and sons Patrick and Sean,creative marketing executive at Netflix—and grandchildren Brady, Stella, Marlowe, Tiegan and Rylan. He is also survived by sisters Jane and Mary, brothers Brian and Dennis and by many nieces, nephews and extended family. He was predeceased by brothers James and Ronald.

Dobson’sofficial death notice stated that, in lieu of flowers, “as Kevin would preferand always said‘If you love America, Thank a Vet.’”

‘Knots Landing,’ ‘Kojak’ star Kevin Dobson dies in SJ, where he worked tirelessly for veterans (2024)


‘Knots Landing,’ ‘Kojak’ star Kevin Dobson dies in SJ, where he worked tirelessly for veterans? ›

He was 77. The United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County announced the actor's death on its official Facebook page. The Army veteran served as chairman of the San Joaquin County group and kicked off the 2020 4th of July Virtual Parade with a video.

What role did Kevin Dobson play on Knots Landing? ›

Kevin Patrick Dobson is an American film and television actor best known for playing Mack MacKenzie on Knots Landing.

Were Telly Savalas and Kevin Dobson friends? ›

Dobson's acting mentor, good friend, and former series' lead Telly Savalas, died on January 22, 1994, at age 72. (Savalas celebrated his 72nd birthday on January 21, 1994, with friends and family, and passed away, the following day.)

Did Kevin Dobson play on Kojak? ›

Kevin Patrick Dobson (March 18, 1943 – September 6, 2020) was an American film and television actor, best known for his roles as Detective Bobby Crocker, the trusted protege of Lt. Theo Kojak (played by Telly Savalas) in the CBS crime drama Kojak (1973–1978), and as M.

Who died from Kojak? ›

Telly Savalas, the gruff, bald-headed actor who became a television favorite as the lollipop-loving New York detective in the 1970s series "Kojak," died Saturday of prostate cancer. He was 70.

Why was Knots Landing cancelled? ›

"Falcon Crest" held on until 1990; "Dallas" wrapped a year later. Stalwart "Knots" hung on until 1993, when sky-high production costs led to its cancellation after 14 seasons and 344 episodes, making it (at the time) the third-longest-running drama in TV history. But in its long run, "Knots" made history.

What happened to Knots Landing? ›

Though initially not as popular in the ratings as Dallas, Knots Landing ultimately outlasted it and garnered much critical acclaim. There were 344 episodes spanning 14 seasons of Knots Landing from 1979 to 1993. In 1997, much of the cast reunited for a two-part miniseries titled Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac.

Was Telly Savalas a heavy smoker? ›

His most famous character Kojak always seemed to have a lollipop in his mouth. Turns out, Savalas was a heavy smoker and often smoked cigarettes and cigars in the first few seasons.

Why did Kojak eat lollipops? ›

Telly Savalas is seen throughout the series both sucking on his lollipop and smoking. In real life, Telly Savalas was trying to quit smoking. The lollipop was used to cut back on smoking. His character Kojak even admitted once that he smoked too much and sucked on lollipops every day except on Sundays.

What did Kojak smoke? ›

Kojak was a bald New York City detective with a fondness for lollipops and whose tagline was "Who loves ya, baby?" (He also liked to say, "Everybody should have a little Greek in them.") Although the lollipop gimmick was added to indulge his sweet tooth, Savalas also smoked heavily onscreen—cigarettes, cigarillos, and ...

Was John Aniston on Kojak? ›

"Kojak" Down a Long and Lonely River (TV Episode 1974) - John Aniston as Dancik - IMDb.

Who was the pimp on Kojak? ›

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: Bill Duke starred as a. pimp named "Sylk" in the 1976 episode of "Kojak" called "Bad Dude". Kojak was a popular TV series in the 70s starring.

Did Sylvester Stallone ever play on Kojak? ›

"Kojak" My Brother, My Enemy (TV Episode 1975) - Sylvester Stallone as Det. Rick Daly - IMDb.

Why did Kojak shave his head? ›

He was easily recognized by his clean-shaven head, a screen identity established when he was cast as Pontius Pilate in the 1965 film “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and ordered by director George Stevens to shave off his hair. He reveled in the public's identification with Kojak, Mamakos said.

Did Kojak have a finger missing? ›

3. Telly Savalas. Savalas was a '70s icon thanks to the cop show Kojak and the character's omnipresent lollipop. The actor was actually missing a portion of his left index finger, which some fans might not have known or easily spotted if they watched the series or saw Savalas in films.

What was Kojak's famous line? ›

It seems like cops and cop shows were a dime a dozen in the 1970s. Kojak set itself apart with its main character's fondness for Tootsie Roll pops—he was trying to quit smoking—and his catchphrase, "Who loves ya, baby?" Yeah, it's endearing even when he's saying it somewhat sarcastically to a just-caught criminal.

Who was CG on Knots Landing? ›

Cathy Geary Rush is a fictional character from the CBS soap opera Knots Landing, a long-running serial about middle class life on the fictional cul-de-sac known as Seaview Circle in Los Angeles, California. She was played by actress and singer Lisa Hartman Black between 1983 and 1986.

Who was the singer on Knots Landing? ›

Lisa Hartman Black (born June 1, 1956) is an American actress and singer from Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas, U.S. Hartman gained prominence after her role in the prime time drama Knots Landing from 1982 to 1986. She recorded four solo albums between 1976 and 1987, with her most notable song being "If Love Must Go".

What movies did Kevin Dobson play in? ›

A revolving series of starring roles in TV movies came Dobson's way following Kojak (1973), including Transplant (1979) (starring as a workaholic exec risking a major heart operation); Orphan Train (1979) (with Jill Eikenberry, as a couple involved in the titled NYC movement and welfare program in the 1850s); Hardhat ...

Who played Cece on Knots Landing? ›

Ciji Dunne (1957 - 1983) was a fictional character in Knots Landing, she was portrayed by Lisa Hartman who also portrayed Cathy Geary Rush. Ciji Dunne was born December 16, 1957 in Kentucky. Despite her overbearing moralistic mother's objections, Ciji left home to pursue her dream of being a rock star.

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