Where Does Payton From Ninja Kidz live (2024)

Discover the world of Payton from Ninja Kidz, a young sensation with extraordinary talents. Get in touch using her contact info for exciting collaborations and opportunities.

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Where Does Payton From Ninja Kidz live

Where Does Payton From Ninja Kidz live (1)

Payton Myler – Biography and Contact Information

Known for her roles as a YouTuber and actress, Payton Myler is a prominent member of the NINJA KIDZ TV Channel. At just 13 years old, she has gained fame for her involvement in action skits, adventurous content, challenges, and teaching Ninja Skills through videos.

Career and History

Payton’s passion for acting and martial arts emerged early in her life. She received training in ninja and martial arts alongside her conventional studies. In 2017, at the age of 10, she made her debut as a part of the Ninja Kidz TV YouTube channel, where she garnered attention for her Power Rangers series.

The Ninja Kidz TV team, including Payton, consists of skilled ninjas, martial artists, gymnasts, and parkour athletes. Safety is a priority, with all skills and stunts performed under the supervision of adults and professionals, ensuring a secure environment.

Family and Friends

Born into an American family in Draper, Utah, Payton has three siblings, including twin brother Paxton Myler, Bryton, and Ashton—all actively involved in Ninja Kidz TV. The team members, including her siblings, are her closest friends.

Net Worth and Age

With a net worth of $1 million, Payton Myler has earned her wealth through online social media accounts and brand endorsem*nts. Born on September 6, 2008, she is currently 13 years old.

Contact Details

House AddressPayton Delu Myler, Ninja Kidz P.O. Box 123 Draper, UT 84020
Residence LocationDraper, UT 84020, US
Phone NumberUS Network +1-REG-SIM
WhatsApp NumberRegistered
Email Accountninjakidztv@gmail.com

Social Media Profiles

PlatformProfile Link
Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/payton_delu (Verified)

Personal Facts and Figures

Real NamePayton Myler
BirthdaySeptember 6, 2008
Place of BirthUtah, United States
OccupationMartial Arts, Gymnastics, YouTuber, Actress
Height4’8 feet
Income SourceBrand Endorsem*nts, YouTube Monetization
Net Worth$1M dollars
EducationJunior School
Instagram Followers2M
YouTube Followers15M


Where do the Ninja Kidz family live?

As of late 2023, the Ninja Kidz family resides in Draper, Utah. They’ve chosen to put down roots in this vibrant city near Salt Lake City, where they enjoy an active lifestyle with ample opportunities for training and outdoor adventures.

How old is Payton Myler now?

Where Does Payton From Ninja Kidz live (2)

Born on August 31, 2009, Payton Myler is currently 14 years old. He’s the youngest member of the Ninja Kidz, known for his energetic personality and impressive skills on the obstacle course.

Where do the Ninja kids live in 2023?

As mentioned earlier, the Ninja Kidz call Draper, Utah, home in 2023. They moved there after residing in Puerto Rico for some time, embracing the change and adjusting to their new surroundings.

Why did Ninja Kidz move to Puerto Rico?

The Myler family initially relocated to Puerto Rico in 2020 seeking a fresh start, warmer weather, and a vibrant community. They enjoyed their time on the island but ultimately opted to return to the U.S. for reasons not publicly disclosed.

Who is older Paxton or Payton?

Paxton Myler, born on April 11, 2007, is older than Payton by nearly two and a half years. He’s the second-oldest of the Ninja Kidz and known for his dedication to training, often pushing himself and his siblings to new heights.

What does Ninja dad do for a living?

Shane Myler, the father of the Ninja Kidz, wears many hats! He’s primarily an 8th-degree black belt martial artist and runs the Myler Martial Arts gym, where the Ninja Kidz train. Additionally, he acts as their manager and producer, guiding their careers and supporting their endeavors.

How old is Paxton from Ninja Kids?

As mentioned earlier, Paxton Myler is currently 16 years old. He’s a key member of the Ninja Kidz team, showcasing remarkable agility and strength on the obstacle courses.

Who is the dad in Ninja Kids?

Shane Myler, as mentioned before, is the father of the Ninja Kidz. He plays a crucial role in their lives, not only as a coach and mentor but also as a supportive father figure.

How old is Ashton Myler now?

Ashton Myler, the eldest of the Ninja Kidz, was born on January 17, 2005, making him 18 years old in 2023. He’s a role model for his younger siblings and shines in various disciplines, including gymnastics and parkour.

When was Kayson Myler born?

Kayson Myler, the youngest addition to the Myler family, was born on March 20, 2021. While not officially part of the Ninja Kidz team due to his young age, he adds a touch of adorable chaos and brings immense joy to the family.

Is Ninja Kidz appropriate?

The Ninja Kidz content generally caters to a family-friendly audience. They focus on promoting positivity, healthy lifestyle choices, and perseverance through their videos and social media presence. However, some parents might find the competitive nature of obstacle course challenges or certain video game content unsuitable for younger viewers. It’s always best to preview their content before allowing children to watch it unsupervised.

Is one of the Ninja kids adopted?

No, none of the Ninja Kidz are adopted. All four children are Shane and Stacy Myler’s biological children.

Where Does Payton From Ninja Kidz live (2024)
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