Whole & Half Beef — Parker Creek Ranch (2024)

Parker Creek Ranch Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef

  • Grass-fed, grass-finished. We adhere to a strict forage only protocol. Our cattle never receive grains, grain by-products, or animal by-products.

  • Unique genetic cross that yields tender, flavorful beef. Parker Creek Ranch along with our partner producers utilize a unique genetic cross that gives our cattle the ability to thrive on the dry, drought prone rangelands of South Texas. Our cattle finish at about 30 months old ensuring you a nutrient dense, marbled, quality product that is packed with flavor.

  • Holistic planned grazing. We rotate them frequently utilizing holistic planned grazing to ensure fresh grazing, proper rest for our pastures, soil health, and environmental stewardship.

  • Low-stress stockmanship principles. Our animal welfare goes beyond the pasture by utilizing sound stockmanship principles when handling our cattle from the catch pens to the processor.

  • Born, raised and grazed in Texas. Our ranch is located an hour West of San Antonio. We also source from a cooperative producer in South Texas who we have been working with for over a decade.

  • Chemical free. Our cattle are raised on properties that are chemical free. We don’t use synthetic fertilizers, weedkiller, glyphosate or other harmful chemicals. These practices are degenerative and harmful to humans.

  • No antibiotics or hormones. As part of our animal welfare standards sick animals may be treated with antibiotics. This rarely happens, and in that case that it does we immediately remove them from the herd and they never enter our food chain. Our cattle are vaccinated with FDA approved killed virus or modified live virus vaccine, no mRNA vaccines (these are not approved for use in livestock by the FDA).

Custom Whole or Half Beef

Up to date as of Apr 9, 2024


Beef Whole

Beef Whole


Custom Half Beef Deposit. $5.75/lb hanging carcass weight (HCW). Estimated HCW of 250 to 360 lbs. Estimated take home (boxed) is 70% of the HCW (175 to 250 lbs). Total price estimate $1,295 to $1,870 (price DOES NOT include processing or shipping).

Beef Whole

Beef Bulk, Beef Whole

Whole Beef Deposit

Beef Bulk, Beef Whole


Custom Whole Beef Deposit. $5.50/lb hanging carcass weight (HCW). Estimated HCW of 500 to 725 lbs. Estimated take home (boxed) is 70% of the HCW (350 to 500 lbs). Total price estimate $2,750 to $4,000 (price DOES NOT include processing or shipping).

Beef Bulk, Beef Whole

Custom Beef Questions & Answers

*Please read through all of this very carefully. If you have more questions or concerns please send us an email - mail@parkercreekranch.com or call/text (830) 426-9232.

  • How much does a Half Beef cost?

    • $5.75/lb hanging carcass weight

    • Estimated hanging carcass weight (HCW) 250 to 360 lbs

    • Estimated take home is about 70% of the HCW, or approximately 175 to 250 lbs

    • Total price estimate $1,150 to $1,850

    • Price DOES NOT include processing costs

    • Returning customers receive a $100 discount

    • Please email, mail@parkercreekranch.com, for a shipping quote (shipping will be paid directly to Primo’s Processing)

  • How much does a Whole Beef cost?

    • $5.50/lb hanging carcass weight

    • Estimated hanging weight 500 to 725 lbs

    • Estimated take home is about 70% of the HCW, or approximately 350 to 510 lbs

    • Total price estimate $2,750 to $4,000

    • Price DOES NOT include processing costs.

    • Returning customers receive a $200 discount.

    • Please email, mail@parkercreekranch.com, for a shipping quote (shipping will be paid directly to Primo’s Processing)

  • What is the hanging carcass weight?

    • Thisis the weight after the blood, hide, head and other inedible parts are removed. The hanging weight is about 55% of the live weight. That does not include offal.

    • Why use the hanging carcass measurement?

      • We use this weight measurement because we are not selling individual retail cuts but instead are selling by the half or whole animal. It is the most fair way for you and us to conduct the transaction.

  • What is the hanging weight vs boxed weight?

    • Hanging Weight: This is the weight of the butchered animal as it hangs in the locker to dry age. This weight does not include the organs, head, hide, hooves, blood and innards, which have been removed.

    • Boxed Weight: This is the net weight of the meat you will receive that is packaged and ready for your freezer. This is about 70% of the hanging carcass weight.

  • Who do you use for processing and how does it work?

    • We currently use Primo’s Processing located in Hondo, TX. The butcher shop will communicate with you directly regarding the cut and wrap process and when they expect to have the meat ready for you. They will always strive to meet your preferred timeline. The custom cut and wrap fees for both butchers are around $1.25 per pound and charged on the hanging weight, plus a $125 kill fee. Depending on the exact hanging weight, cut and wrap charges will amount to approximately $650 to $950 (depending on the hanging carcass weight), paid directly to the butcher shop.

    • How do I know what each cut is or which part of the cow it comes from?

  • Do you ship?

    • We do offer shipping for whole and half beef. Please email us, mail@parkercreekranch.com, for a shipping quote.

  • When is full payment due?

    • Full payment is due before pick-up. CASH, CHECK OR pay online is preferred. Online payments with credit cards will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

  • How is the beef packaged?

    • Each individual cut is vacuum sealed and labeled to identify the cut.

    • It is then boxed in 40 lb boxes. Each box will be labeled with your name.

    • The meat will be frozen at -10°F.

    • How much freezer space does it take? 20 to 25 lbs of product needs approximately 1 cu. ft of freezer space.

  • What is the Cost Per Meal?

    • When purchasing whole beef, it is important to understand the value you get with each meal. On a 500-pound hanging carcass weight whole beef, the take-home weight after processing will be about 350 pounds (approximately 70% yield of the hanging weight). The total cost, including butcher fees, will be around $3,500, which is about $10 per pound. Assuming each meal consists of 1/2 pound portion, the cost per meal is approximately $5 for 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

    • What do I get?

      • 20-25% Steaks

      • 20-25% Roasts

      • 40-45% Ground Beef

      • 10-15% Other Cuts (including stew meat, bones, fat and offal)

Next Steps

  1. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit for a Whole Beef ($250 for a half beef). You can simply click on the links above to place your deposit.

  2. Select the date you want your animal processed during checkout.

  3. You will receive an email within a few weeks of your animal being delivered to the processor.

  4. It’s time for you to get your freezer ready. Remember is takes about 1 cu ft of freezer space per 20 to 25 lbs of product.

  5. You will need to call Primos Processing at (830) 521-3337 to go over your cut sheet.

  6. You will receive a final bill from Parker Creek Ranch via Square. This needs to be paid within 7 days. You can pay by mailing a check or with a credit card on your Square bill.

  7. Your order typically takes about 2 weeks from the time we drop off the animal at the processor to the time it’s ready to be picked up.

Whole & Half Beef — Parker Creek Ranch (2024)
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